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Website Analysis & Technical Audit

Days are gone, people use to search cheap website design and hire a fresh IT guy to make their organization website. The trend has been changed since 2010 that every organization needs website with good heat maps targeted, fast loading, made with latest scripts, mobile friendly website design & a reliable company.

Now the things have changed a lot, a website represents your organization. People judge your company including you by seeing your website. Not only good search results now the presence matters with good presentations best layout and made with experienced person.

The website which is 3/4 years must have their technical audit which is similar like regular health check up so you can reach with your exact customers. Every business/ services runs with a good number of the best customers so its necessary to have updated and user friendly website.

1. SEO Analysis : Analyzing website & its core part.
2. Design Analysis : Layout Analysis, Target Device Analysis, GUI Optimization.
3. ROI Analysis : Analyzing ROI of your business through website.
4. Marketing Analysis : Auditing the impact in website in its targeted market.
5. Performance Management : Reporting website performance & management.
6. Load & CDN Analysis : Load testing in different location & countries.
7. User Experience Audit : Auditing how user behaves in website & experience.
8. Social Exposure Management : How website is managed & handled socially.